True-Dose™ makes accurate administration of your pet’s supplements quick and easy, and it does so by design.

It starts with our unique delivery. True-Dose utilizes a patented delivery mechanism designed for the pharmaceutical industry. This unique pump ensures a precise, measured amount of concentrated liquid is dispensed each and every time to provide accurate and consistent dosing. It is easy to administer the precise dose as recommended for your pet’s weight. Simply apply the correct number of pumps to your pet’s food while in the dish.

Because True-Dose has been formulated for 100% palatability with a taste pets love, the taste aversion and texture resistance long associated with conventional supplements has been eliminated. Your pet eats his food as usual, consuming the entire dose of his supplement. It’s that simple.

But the convenient, patented delivery system is really only secondary to the quality of the supplements. True-Dose is made with highly concentrated human grade ingredients. What’s more, our supplements are manufactured in a human pharmaceutical facility, following the same strict testing and quality standards mandated by the FDA for state of the art pharmaceutical product manufacturing. Our raw ingredients are certified and tested to ensure they meet our strict quality standards. True-Dose is an industry leader in maintaining standards to ensure the quality and safety your pet deserves.

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