The Natural Solution to a Calm Pet

Calm pets are happy and well-behaved pets. But not all pets are calm by nature and certainly their environment has a lot to do with their level of anxiety. Pets become stressed for many different reasons – travel, unfamiliar guests in the house, being separated during your absence, loud noises like thunder or fireworks, or even from sensing their owner’s mood swings. Because your pet is sensitive to his physical and emotional environment, he may occasionally act out in response with excessive barking, inappropriate elimination, or even destructive chewing, scratching, or aggression. Fortunately, you can help your pet deal with stress by lessening the root causes and using True-Dose Calming as needed.


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Key Benefits:

Faster Absorption – Clinical studies at OSU Animal Research validated that True-Dose was absorbed at 3 times the levels of tablets or chews.
Convenient – Easy to administer directly onto pet’s food or treat.
Accurate – Measured pump specific to your pet’s weight.
Great taste – Flavor enhancers to ensure high palatability.

Use True-Dose Calming for:

  • Separation
  • Thunderstorms or bad weather
  • Fireworks
  • Training
  • Socializing
  • Other pets/ people in the house
  • Excessive anxiety

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